AreaRug3HOW IT WORKS: A well-made Oriental rug can last a lifetime, and can even be handed down to younger generations. Help make your rug last longer with routine professional cleaning. At Happy Feet understand how important rugs can be (especially heirloom Oriental rugs), which is why we customize the treatment plan for each rug. No matter if your rug is made of synthetic or natural fibers, wool or shag, our specialists can ensure that the safest and most effective method will be used to clean your rug. That may mean wet or dry cleaning, depending on what your rug requires. We take extra precautions when handling your Oriental rugs, and we make sure to fully explain the cleaning process to you. We believe that being honest shows your that we’re knowledgeable and that your rug is in good hands.

Oftentimes rugs are placed in entryways to protect floors, which means they endure quite a bit of foot traffic.. Rugs hold a lot of dirt that can get pushed deep into the pile. Even before you start to see any soiling, dust has already been ground into the fibers. Spills left to sit can be absorbed into a rug’s natural fibers, causing permanent staining or dulling. Loose debris getting walked in can also break down the fibers and cause wear patterns. Simple vacuuming is sometimes not enough to penetrate deep into the rug to lift out all the contaminants. Occasionally you’ll need a professional to help your rug stand the test of time.

Our state-of-the-art rug cleaning tank utilizes an oxygen agitation system. This non-toxic process is the ideal for loosening and removing embedded soil. Dander, pollen, pet hair and other foreign objects can be safely lifted from deep in the woven pattern of the rug.
Because environmental responsibility is an essential element of Happy Feet, our unique rug-cleaning process leaves your rug clean and chemical-free. We take great care in choosing only the safest products for your family and the environment. This process provides the deep-down clean you’ve been looking for.

For rugs that require a more specialized cleaning process, Happy Feet dry-cleaning method is sure to achieve the results you’re looking for. Rest assured knowing that your rug is clean, sanitized and odor free with no adverse effects!

WHAT WE OFFER We guarantee that your rugs return to your home within 5 business days  clean, sanitized and odor free. If not, the service is FREE!

(Our guarantee does not include rugs made from natural or animal fibers. These materials can produce a natural odor that cannot be removed as it is part of the rug.)